Twitter and Cryptocurrency

Twitter is one of the largest social networking websites. It is famous for its small-sized message feature. One can easily tweet their news or whatever they want, to update a status. People are loving twitter as there are less useless things and more useful information can be found there as compared to other social networking websites.

Moreover, Twitter has been great for influencing. Brands can easily interact with their customers. Along with all of this, there are a lot of discussions on Twitter about Cryptocurrency. All the Cryptocurrency traders are surely using their twitter account to get the latest update about the Cryptocurrency and all the other news related to the coins.

Cryptocurrency twitter accounts to follow

You might be wondering where to get all of these updates related to Cryptocurrency from Twitter. Twitter has been a popular network with lots and lots of accounts. Below given are some of the popular accounts with their twitter handles which you need to follow in order to get the latest updates of Cryptocurrency.

@vitalikbuterin: He is a dropout of college and creator of Ethereum. You will get all the news related to Cryptocurrency by following him.

@venturecoinis: It is by a Luke Martin a startup advisor. You surely need to follow it if you want to start a new startup using twitter.

@cryptohustle: It is an account whose owner is a full-time Crypto trader. You will get many news and analysis related to the Crypto from this account.

@aantonop: He is a public speaker who delivers most of his speech related to the Bitcoin and other open-blockchain technologies. The public speaker is also famous for his awesome sarcasm.

@satoshilite: You might know him by the coin he invented. He is the creator of Litecoin Cryptocurrency.

These are some of the most famous twitter account related to Cryptocurrency which you must follow to get the latest updates about the news and what is happening in the world of Cryptocurrency. You will get lots of other such accounts. Don’t forget to check out their old tweets. You might find something useful.

Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019

The price of cryptocurrencies are going high day by day. If one would have invested $1 on Bitcoin at the time of its release, they would have struck it rich by now. It is one of the best markets where your investment can easily reach on the top of the charts and you would get a huge return on what you have invested.

Hence, many of the people are planning to invest in cryptocurrency in this year. If you have not decided to invest your money, you surely should, because the best time to invest your money in crypto was 10 years ago, the second best time is now. However, today there are a lot of options to invest. Therefore, you will have to find the best Cryptocurrency to invest in. Going on the wrong one will give you fewer returns as compared to choosing the right one.

Below given are some of the Cryptocurrencies you should take a look at if you are planning to invest your money.


Binance Coin (BNB)

This coin is termed as Lucky coin due to its strong backup. It is from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange which is a leading exchange in cryptocurrency. Therefore, the coin automatically gains its popularity. It is the first choice of interest when you are planning to invest.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is famous for many years now. It has been the best choice of investment for past years also. It is the second largest cryptocurrency as per the stability in trading. Hence, it makes a good choice if you want to invest your money.

Litecoin (LTC)

When you are looking for the most reliable cryptocurrency, Litecoin is the one that comes into consideration. It is by far one of the most reliable currency. It is due to the trading volume as well as the stability of price.

Tron (TRX)

Tron is another popular currency that you need to take a look at. The progress attracts the special attention of the developers to the Tron network.

These are the best cryptocurrency to invest your money.


Starting a cryptocurrency business

The word cryptocurrency has become a synonym for an opportunity in the financial world in recent times. This is because of the scope it has and the returns it guarantees. So technically speaking, owning a cryptocurrency business is a very good idea.

Types of cryptocurrency businesses: 

Now before starting or thinking of starting a cryptocurrency business, one must be familiar with the various types of cryptocurrency businesses that are there in the market today.  The most successful ventures revolve around digital coin mining, cryptocurrency exchanges and initial coin offerings which everybody knows as ICOs. Later on, some entrepreneurs set up cryptocurrency ATM’s and also bitcoin vending machines to mine coins. So basically you have to find the need and see the opportunity in it before starting a cryptocurrency business.

Starting a business:

Firstly, you have to come up with an idea and also a model for your business. You have to know that there is a difference between starting a business and simply exchanging bitcoins. The idea should be around creating your own cryptocurrency and building a business around it. Almost every successful and recent start-up’s based on cryptocurrency lately followed the same method.  You must have heard of Obanc. They have a successful business strategy as well.

So if you intend to start a cryptocurrency on your own then you must create a code to develop the tokens. Fortunately, the bitcoin’s open source code has been a great use to every startup. You can simply make a few changes to that code and launch your own cryptocurrency and start mining to create more and more tokens.

After creating your own cryptocurrency you will need to register a company with the authorities of your country and start trading.


As we all know cryptocurrencies are decentralized, there is no particular authority supervising these companies. So you are technically liable to no one. Though this has been an issue initially, with the tremendous success of cryptocurrency. Almost, all the governments across the world realized its value and scope. So, basically, cryptocurrencies are legal in many parts of the world. Unless there is a strict opposition from the government of your country, you are good to start and run any kind of cryptocurrency business.

Earn money using bitcoin

It is no wonder that the world today is being frenzy about cryptocurrency or say bitcoins. There might be a lot of reasons for it, the scope for a good return on investments, or a safe and convenient way of transactions. But to have all those privileges you should first have to earn them. There are a lot of ways to earn bitcoins online. But earning Bitcoin online will require something in exchange, whether it’s your time or your knowledge or your computer’s processing power.

The following are some of the ways to earn bitcoins online.

  1. Micro earnings:

This is one of the easiest, cheapest and the most time-consuming way to earn bitcoins. On a comparison scale, the efforts spent is much higher than the income earned. Some of the well-known sites to get micro earnings are Bitcoin Faucets. These sites will allow you to visit online advertising sites, to click on them and claim the money out of it. The main advantage in this method is that the risk involved is rather low.

  1. Owning a faucet:

Now, having your own faucet may not earn you a lot of money, buy it certainly pays more than clicking advertisements. Here the effort you keep in running your own faucet gets paid almost equally. However, running a faucet requires a reasonable amount of time and effort. Also, the risk involved in it is not as low as in micro earnings.

  1. Become a crypto trader:

This is probably the easiest and riskiest way to earn bitcoins. This involves earning money by trading bitcoins for exchange. That is, you have to buy bitcoins when the price is low and have to sell them when the price is high. The whole crypto trading doesn’t necessarily base on luck. You have to be familiar with trading to make good profits from this.

  1. Write about bitcoin or crypto:

If you are good with words and really are into cryptocurrency then this is the best option for you to make money using bitcoins. With the tremendous success of cryptocurrency, a lot of websites are in constant need for news and other articles. The quality of the content you’ve written will determine the earnings you make.

Freewallet- A cryptocurrency Wallet

The revolutionary success of cryptocurrency has led to a lot of new business options and laid a platform for new ideas. One such idea was Freewallet. Freewallet is an online cryptocurrency wallet that offers its services to iOS and Android users. Freewallet enables its services to almost all the popular cryptocurrencies in the market today like bitcoins, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc. At present, it is the largest and a major mobile wallet that supports bitcoin cash.

Freewallet products:

The following are the products offered by freewallet to its iOS and Android users:

Bitcoin Wallet (iOS and Android)

Ethereum Wallet (iOS and Android)

Monero Wallet (iOS and Android)

Dash Wallet (Android)

ZCash Wallet (Android)

Doge Wallet (iOS and Android)

Steem Wallet (iOS and Android)

Lisk Wallet (iOS and Android)

Decent Wallet (Android)

NXT Wallet (Android)

Ardor Wallet (Android)

FantomCoin Wallet (Android)

Bitcoin Cash Wallet (Android)

Bancor Wallet (Android)

DigitalNote Wallet (Android)

Bytecoin Wallet (Android)

Tether Wallet (Android)


  1. Buying Coins:

If you haven’t bought any bitcoins yet, the freewallet offers you a chance to buy bitcoins for the first time. You can buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoins using your card. So, basically, freewallet apps are user-friendly even if you are a beginner or an expert trader.

  1. Backup:

In case you have lost your device, there is no need to restore it from backup. You can block the account and can simply activate it on another device.

  1. Exchange services:

Freewallet allows you to make transactions between different currencies. But the charges may vary depending on the currency you are using.

  1. Customers private keys:

One of the unique feature of freewallet is, it retains the control of its customer’s private keys. They keep the majority of users’ funds in cold storage – similar to how an exchange would keep your funds.

  1. Cold storage:

Now, this is a really interesting feature of freewallet. The majority of all assets are stored in an offline vault to secure your funds against any malicious activity. This is because, freewallet claims that 90% of its customers do not back up their private keys.  Again, Freewallet is unique among mobile wallets for keeping its users’ funds in cold storage, because most other mobile wallets don’t retain control of your private keys.

Cryptocurrency – the background

What is Cryptocurrency? – Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is used as a mode of exchange and is secured with cryptography, leaving negligible possibilities of forging. Unless some specified conditions are fulfilled, changing an entry becomes difficult.

If you are wondering what cryptography is, here is what you need to know; it is generating of codes that allow confidentiality of information. Cryptography converts the data into an unreadable format for someone who is not an authorized user.


Back in the 90s, systems like DigiCash, Beenz and Flooz attempted creating such virtual currencies, however, due to various inevitable issues like financial glitches, fraud and internal clashes, the whole idea of having digital currency failed terribly. After the failures of these ideas, digital currencies weren’t reevaluated for quite some time.


In 2009, a group of programmers under the name Satoshi Nakamoto presented the first blockchain based cryptocurrency and called it Bitcoin. It was considered as ‘peer-to-peer electronic cash system’, and was totally decentralized.

While there are numerous alternatives, Bitcoin is still one of the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin uses the blockchain technology as it’s central function to store an online book-of-records for all the transactions, and provides a data structure for the book-of-records that is quite safe from hacking and almost impossible to copy or forge the transaction history.
However, though technologies have the potential of being abused, only small groups have been observed attempting it.

Since the cryptocurrencies aren’t real and don’t have a central repository, there are chances of a complete wipe-out in case the computer crashes without back-up, or a loss of the privacy key.

EOS blockchain is one of the most recent projects entering the cryptocurrency market. EOS blockchain aims in becoming a decentralized operating system, to support the industrial-scale decentralized applications, and has claimed to have the below two features, that has caught a lot of attention:

  1. Plans over completely removing the transaction fees
  2. Ensuring an ability to handle millions of transactions per second.


EOS blockchain is going to be a significant blockchain in the coming years, facilitating, quick, free and accessible transactions.

Crypto Scanner


Imagine being the first one to find about the price drop of the coin you want to buy and grabbing it at a discounted price. Imagine saving your precious time and making the volatile and chaotic crypto trading a lot easier and safe. That is what a Crypto scanner helps you do.


What is Crypto scanner? Crypto scanner is a tool for cryptocurrency analysis that sends you alerts when favourable changes occur for your crypto trading. They shortlist the best opportunities based on different KPIs ( Key Performing Index) like price, volume, order books.

With a crypto market scanner, you can:

  1. Just glance over the RSI (relative strength index) oversold/overbought crypto
  2. Find out where MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) crossovers are
  3. currently taking place on multiple timeframes
  4. Know where there are the most volume/price % changes on all timeframes, almost

A good crypto scanner can help you set alerts, such as notifications when RSI is oversold for a particular cryptocurrency or a MACD crossover has taken place. It acts as a booster for traders who have their strategies in place and helps them improve their trading and bolsters the number of signals they receive for potentially successful transactions by specifying the appropriate filter and alert values on one of the platforms.


After the parameters are set, the scanner starts scanning the specified markets to shortlist the cryptocurrencies that meet the established criteria. Now, let us look at some of the top crypto market scanners which you can use for accurate alerting possibilities.


Crypto Base Scanners

The tools you get in the Crypto Base Scanner are

  1. Trading bots
  2. Orders
  3. Fat fingers alerts
  4. Save bases
  5. Base scanners

The main features are:

  1. discover trading opportunities
  2. quick scanner
  3. follow your trades
  4. sync your orders



The tools you get in the Algory are:

  1. cryptocurrency scanner
  2. crypto news aggregator

The main features of Algory are:

  1. Criteria based custom crypto scanners
  2. More than 100 crypto alerts and filter
  3. Find the hottest crypto to invest in real time

Advantages of using Cryptocurrency


A digital money, which is an encrypted series of data is known as cryptocurrency. It is monitored by peer-to-peer internet protocol and does not have any government influence. There are many types of cryptocurrency available in the market but Bitcoin is leading them all. It is an encrypted line of business web which is a closed and independent network.

Bitcoins are used to buy everything, which includes groceries, hotel room, flight tickets and many more things. The advantages of cryptocurrency can include

  • Fraud resistance– the cryptocurrency series is fully encrypted and takes documentation of every single action. The process cannot be backtracked, counterfeited or reversed by anyone.
  • Avoid interference of third parties– any kind of financial transaction needs a supervisory, intermediately, or legal working body to monitor the financial transaction. But in the case of cryptocurrency, the interference of third party is completely eliminated.
  • Low transaction fee– when payment is completed by cryptocurrency, any kind of transaction fee is low in comparison to the payment with credit/debit card.
  • Approachability– cryptocurrency is reachable to everyone who has a smart phone and an internet connection. People from the developing countries or less developed countries are also able to make a bitcoin wallet even though they do not have much physical money.
  • Decentralized- it is a network on which individuals can able to access and also work on due to its peer to peer system.
  • Worldwide recognized– it is accepted by many countries as a digital currency and does not need any formalities such as bank approval, transaction charges, exchange rates, or any other kind of charges. Anyone can send or receive money from anywhere in the world.

The market of cryptocurrency is wide and provides a large platform to use it on the global level. The benefits of cryptocurrency are many and its increasing day by day. Digital money has wisely made its place in the world and will continue to grow in future. There are many advantages of cryptocurrency and these are increasing day by day. Many people are now aware about cryptocurrency and starting to use it gradually.

What are the Types of Crypto Wallets?


If you want to use any cryptocurrency then you will need to have a digital wallet. Crypto wallet is a software program that stores private or public keys and interacts with various blockchains so that the users can transfer digital currency and monitor their balance.

Crypto currency wallets are being used by millions of people. But these digital wallets do not work as traditional pocket wallets. In crypto currency wallets, currencies are not stored in a single place. Currencies don’t exist in a physical form in crypto wallets. In fact, the records of transactions are stored in blockchain.

There are various kinds of crypto wallets. They are mainly divided into three categories – Software (mobile, desktop or online), hardware and paper.


Mobile wallets are simpler and smaller. Mobile wallets can be run on an app in phone which can be used almost everywhere including retail shops.


Wallets can be installed on your desktop or laptop. It offers highest levels of security. But if the desktop or laptop gets hacked or gets a virus you may lose all your funds.


Crypto wallets can run on the cloud. You can access them from any computing device in any part of the world. But online wallets store your private keys online and is run by a third party which makes it less secure.


Wallets can be stored in hardware devices like USB. Hardware wallets are stored offline which provides  highest security. Although the transactions are made online. Hardware wallets are very compatible and can support different currencies. It’s pretty simple and easy as you just plug in your USB on any internet-enabled device, enter your pin and send or receive your money. You can easily transact your money keeping it offline and safe.


Paper wallets simply refer to a printout or a physical copy of your private keys. It is a piece of software which securely generates keys which are then printed. If you want to transact all you have to do is transfer your currency from your paper wallet to your software wallet.

The security level of crypto wallets depend on the type of wallet. So it’s up to you which wallet you choose.

Crypto Websites you should know about


It is very important to keep yourself updated on all fronts in the crypto world otherwise you won’t be able to gain profits. Thus, if you are a beginner or even an expert in the crypto market, you should definitely know about these websites. These websites should always be added in your favorites and always present on your homepage if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast or a trader/investor. Here is a guide of top cryptocurrency websites you should know about:

  1. CoinDesk

If you want to know about every single and big thing which happens in the crypto market, then CoinDesk is the best news portal to gain all the news about the crypto world. In addition to news, you can find tutorials, guides, the latest information about ICOs and start-ups, conferences and industry developments in the blockchain industry.

  1. Bitcointalk

If you want to know everything which happens in the crypto world, Bitcointalk is the best website for you. This website coordinates everything beginning from ICO, Bitcoins, discussions, forums, bonuses, coin announcements, latest news and much more. The trick is to know which writer is worth reading judging from the high number of messages and who is not worth reading.


  1. Cyber Fund

Cyber Fund gives all the information about the new ICOs and the new projects starting in the cryptosphere. This website gives all the relevant information about the number of projects raising funds at present and their past history on fund-raising projects.


  1. CoinMarketCap

If you are a trader, CoinMarketCap is the best website for you. It gives real-time data of all the trading platforms including information about daily volumes, percentage change, market cycle, market value etc. In short, it is the leading cryptocurrencies index in the market.


  1. Bitcoinwisdom

The last but not the least, Bitcoinwisdom is a website showing the real-time price of Bitcoin on the seven major exchanges in the crypto market. And the website also shows the real-time graphs for Altcoins also. It is a fast website and user-friendly.

All these above websites are a must for beginners and experts alike.