Best Cryptocurrency Wallets for You


If you are into investment in crypto currencies lately, you must have come across the term wallet which is necessary to use cryptocurrencies. Being a digital asset, a digital wallet is assigned to store these values and it enables the user to utilise or trade the crypto currency acquired. It stores and transacts both the private and public keys in it which is the primary function of a digital wallet. Now, in the current time when there are a lot of different crypto currencies, there have been a growth in the number of wallets as well. To ease you out, here are some of the best wallets out there. Read more here.


It is self-proclaimed and also acclaimed by users to be one of the most secured wallets in the current time. It has an open source and makes sure of the privacy of the users with a clean user interface.

Ledger Nano S:

A multi-asset digital wallet that has layered security patterns to keep bugs away. This has U2F authentication and supports multiple platforms with chrome or chromium. One great feature it has that it supports offline currency storage which is backed up in short intervals.


A truly anti-hack digital wallet that stores multiple currencies and helps trade without any hassle. This has control over bitcoin management which they claim to be superior to others. This can freeze your deposits upon third party involvement, making it secure.


This is one of the best android based wallet that helps to store and trade crypto currency values. This also offers layered security and does not allow third party applications to take over in any operation along with HD security. Find out More.


One of the few digital cryptocurrency wallets that helps to store private keys in that application itself. The interface of the software is exceptional making it easy to operate. It provides utmost control over the keys and multiple assets. The interface is customisable and offers detailed security for the users. The platform is limited to Windows, Mac and Linux since it is designed for desktop use.