Bitcoin and the lapel pin

So here it is, for the crypto aficionado, the exclusive Bitcoin lapel pin. Pin it on the chest of your blazer and be a part of a gargantuan community who swears by the legendary cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin transformed the financial landscape, forever. Based on blockchain technology, it provided it’s users with a radical method of transaction and gave all of us a sneak perk in how the future might look like.

The lapel pin is a sort of a thank you to Bitcoin for being what it is. A totem for keeps. So pin it up and jazz up your appearance. A Bitcoin conference or a meet is coming up. Here is your chance to show the world your love for the cryptocurrency.

It is a beautifully carved pin that we bound to move heads. I am sure Bitcoin enthusiasts will respond quite favourably to the kapel pinned to your blazer chest.

The Bitcoin pin is made out of an industry-grade plated nickel, making it highly durable, with soft enamel colours giving it an attractive and stylish look.

The specifications are:

  • Diameter = 30mm/1.18in
  • Thickness = 1.5mm/0.06in
  • Weight = 8.9 g/0.32oz

The look and feel of the Bitcoin lapel pin is something you have never seen before. Stand out from the crowd with this original and colourful design.

So what makes the Bitcoin lapel pin so attractive:

It is made of durable material with big lettering and colourful design that is sure to make the owner stand out in a crowd.

Comes in Just the right size. Other lapel pins are often too small. Do not fall for cheap lapel pins that are made from frail materials which do not last and are made so small that no one is able to notice the design. The original industry-grade lapel pin is made to last forever.

Most Bitcoin lapel pins come with industry-guaranty. That would mean it can be returned anytime and with a full refund.

They also come in various shapes and sizes. There are a lot of designs that are sold online and they are pretty affordable. A high-grade bitcoin lapel pin should not set you back by more than $10.

Also, the materials are so rugged that they last a lifetime. If not, you always have the opportunity to return it. Anytime. Almost every online retailer allows it.

So buy one now and become a part of history.