Bitcoin Theft Iceland

It is said time and tide waits for none. But in today’s digital age, it’s time, tide and money that waits for none. Making the right sort of investments has become extremely crucial in such a capacity. To fetch the right kind of portfolio to park funds, a study is required. For something fairly as new as the cryptocurrencies, the odds are not quite in one’s favor.

To understand the world of cryptocurrencies what is actually a necessity is to be aware of what are the terms. How suitable is it for you? The cryptocurrency is not very famous among the trusted investments around the world. The Iceland bitcoin heist proves the lack of security and risk that investing in bitcoins comes with. Iceland’s loot of 600 powerful computers that dealt with cryptocurrencies is considered one of the most mammoth thefts in the state. Iceland emerged well with digital currencies due to the flourishing geothermal powers. This made Iceland quite susceptible to frauds and thefts. When something this large scale happens and the values of cryptocurrency is seen to fall starkly. It raises serious concerns about whether or not it is considered to invest in cryptocurrencies any further.

Fraud like this can be a big scare. Few things hence stand to be considered before investing in the cryptocurrency market-

  • Invest amount that can be affordable to lose

The only money that is spare and extra and does not pinch to be lost should be invested. Huge amounts with the aim of returns is a big no. The market is extremely volatile and is subjected to huge risks. Thefts like that of Iceland can be fatal for investors. There is no scope of any recovery.


  • Study well

Before going onto making any investment. A complete understanding of the market should be gained. The best way to do this is by not getting influenced first hand by people and doing your own research. Your financial capabilities must align with the sort of investment that you plan to opt for.

  • Diversify wealth

Not all the money should be vested under one type of investment. Some may be allotted to other areas like real estate, shares, mutual funds, deposits, etc. It is better to lose a quarter of wealth than everything at all. This step is extremely vital as many people commit the mistake of storing all the disposables in one place.


These three simple steps would help you be safe and secured to fight with unpleasant scenarios like that of the Bitcoin heist.