Crypto Scanner


Imagine being the first one to find about the price drop of the coin you want to buy and grabbing it at a discounted price. Imagine saving your precious time and making the volatile and chaotic crypto trading a lot easier and safe. That is what a Crypto scanner helps you do.


What is Crypto scanner? Crypto scanner is a tool for cryptocurrency analysis that sends you alerts when favourable changes occur for your crypto trading. They shortlist the best opportunities based on different KPIs ( Key Performing Index) like price, volume, order books.

With a crypto market scanner, you can:

  1. Just glance over the RSI (relative strength index) oversold/overbought crypto
  2. Find out where MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) crossovers are
  3. currently taking place on multiple timeframes
  4. Know where there are the most volume/price % changes on all timeframes, almost

A good crypto scanner can help you set alerts, such as notifications when RSI is oversold for a particular cryptocurrency or a MACD crossover has taken place. It acts as a booster for traders who have their strategies in place and helps them improve their trading and bolsters the number of signals they receive for potentially successful transactions by specifying the appropriate filter and alert values on one of the platforms.


After the parameters are set, the scanner starts scanning the specified markets to shortlist the cryptocurrencies that meet the established criteria. Now, let us look at some of the top crypto market scanners which you can use for accurate alerting possibilities.


Crypto Base Scanners

The tools you get in the Crypto Base Scanner are

  1. Trading bots
  2. Orders
  3. Fat fingers alerts
  4. Save bases
  5. Base scanners

The main features are:

  1. discover trading opportunities
  2. quick scanner
  3. follow your trades
  4. sync your orders



The tools you get in the Algory are:

  1. cryptocurrency scanner
  2. crypto news aggregator

The main features of Algory are:

  1. Criteria based custom crypto scanners
  2. More than 100 crypto alerts and filter
  3. Find the hottest crypto to invest in real time