Israel Cryptocurrency

Israel is a country situated in the middle east on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. Tax Authorities of Israel declared that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will not be considered as legal currency. But it would be considered while calculating the income tax. Gains received from the sale of cryptocurrencies are taxable @25%. Also, the individual who mines cryptocurrency and trades Bitcoin would be considered as a professional and they have to pay corporate tax on income & VAT @17%.

From the above, it is evident that the Israel government doesn’t encourage cryptocurrency trading but the recent trend of the uprising crypto market is really tough to avoid. Thus, in this article, we will talk about some of the top Israeli influencers of this market who are trying to revolutionalize the scene.

1) Eyal Hertzog- is an Israeli businessman who is the co-founder and project architect of Bancor ( a decentralized network deals in liquidity), which allows us to hold and convert any Etherium token.

2) Guy Benartzi- is also a co-founder of Bancor. He is the founder of AppCoin and some other networking tools.

3) Moshe Hogeg- He is the CEO of Sirin Labs (developed first open-source blockchain all-in-one PC & smartphone). Also, he is the co-founder & chairman of Singulariteam – Venture cap investment fund focused on blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

4) Meni Rosenfeld- Being the Chairman of the Israeli Bitcoin Association, he established the first bitcoin exchange of Israel, Bitcoin.

5) Guy Corem- Currently he is the CEO of DAGlabs (solves adaptability challenges using protocols). Also, he has experience working with Israeli and Global Bitcoin communities.

6) Galia Benartzi- She is the Business developer of Bancor Network belonging from Israel and also, the co-founder & VP of AppCoin.

7) Uriel Peled- An Israel born CEO of CoinTree, a leading cryptocurrency venture involved in investment banking and development of blockchains.

8) Leonid Beder- Israeli cryptography expert (system security, cryptocurrency system, blockchain protocols, implementations) associated with companies such as CoinTree, Kik Interactive and Orbs.

9) Nimrod Lehavi- Board member of Israel Bitcoin Association & CEO of Simplex, which facilitates Bitcoin exchanges, broker website, wallet app with full transaction security to sell Bitcoin by using a credit card.

10) Yoni Assia- Israel entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of eToro (largest social media investment network) offering trade and investment in cryptocurrency.

Other than the above 10 prominent names, many other influencers in Israel contributed significantly to this cryptocurrency industry and escalated to its current revamped version. For this remarkable contribution of Israel, it has got the title of a startup nation of digital currency also.