Twitter and Cryptocurrency

Twitter is one of the largest social networking websites. It is famous for its small-sized message feature. One can easily tweet their news or whatever they want, to update a status. People are loving twitter as there are less useless things and more useful information can be found there as compared to other social networking websites.

Moreover, Twitter has been great for influencing. Brands can easily interact with their customers. Along with all of this, there are a lot of discussions on Twitter about Cryptocurrency. All the Cryptocurrency traders are surely using their twitter account to get the latest update about the Cryptocurrency and all the other news related to the coins.

Cryptocurrency twitter accounts to follow

You might be wondering where to get all of these updates related to Cryptocurrency from Twitter. Twitter has been a popular network with lots and lots of accounts. Below given are some of the popular accounts with their twitter handles which you need to follow in order to get the latest updates of Cryptocurrency.

@vitalikbuterin: He is a dropout of college and creator of Ethereum. You will get all the news related to Cryptocurrency by following him.

@venturecoinis: It is by a Luke Martin a startup advisor. You surely need to follow it if you want to start a new startup using twitter.

@cryptohustle: It is an account whose owner is a full-time Crypto trader. You will get many news and analysis related to the Crypto from this account.

@aantonop: He is a public speaker who delivers most of his speech related to the Bitcoin and other open-blockchain technologies. The public speaker is also famous for his awesome sarcasm.

@satoshilite: You might know him by the coin he invented. He is the creator of Litecoin Cryptocurrency.

These are some of the most famous twitter account related to Cryptocurrency which you must follow to get the latest updates about the news and what is happening in the world of Cryptocurrency. You will get lots of other such accounts. Don’t forget to check out their old tweets. You might find something useful.