Where Can I Buy tZERO Token

tZERO is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency introduced by Overstock. It has been given the title of ATS (Alternative Trading System) and it is regulated by SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission). This organization offers ATS and token both as a cryptocurrency. Tokens are the digital version of conventional securities –such as a bond, equities, and options. This platform allows buyers and sellers to transact with the help of the dark pool. The transactions are recorded in a blockchain. The companies, offering ICO, use the platform of tZero.

Feature of tZERO Token:

1) You can download the app CRYPTO into your phone to trade effortlessly. It simplifies the trading process and provides security during third party exchanges.

2) It has proprietary recovery technology, which means if you lose your phone, you can still recover your account.

3) It complies with all US laws enforced by the SEC.

4) It has been secured by biometric authentication. So, if you forget your password you don’t need to worry about the recovery process.

5) Charges are a 1% fee flat on all trading transactions. Plus there is a network fee.

6) The interface is simplified and tips are given so that a person with no knowledge of trading can also trade using the app.

Steps to Buy tZERO Token:

Step1: Choose an ICO project. Register for that project through the project website. Here, you will get the details about the project goals, amount required for investing, tenure of the project, etc.

Note: ICO projects that don’t ask for registration can be a part of scam or fraud. Though it might be a legal ICO, usually authentic ICO has a mandatory registration process.

Step2: You need to own/buy Bitcoin or Etherum to be eligible to buy tokens. The minimum amount to be invested would be mentioned in the project details section. Usually, it stays between $10 to $100.

Step3: Shift the Currency into the wallet of your choice from where you want to buy the tokens.

Step4: Now after the successful registration, your tokens are ready and your funds too. Now you have to send the cryptocurrency to the project account to get the ICO allotted.

Step5: After successful receipt of the cryptocurrency, the token will be transferred to the wallet.

Step6: Now you have to store the tokens safe and secure into the wallet.

tZERO token is getting a popular investment option day by day. The organizations are issuing ICO to gather funds for the projects. So, it can be an easy and convenient way to invest.