Why do I need an ICO to Keep Growing my Company?

Even the most groundbreaking, innovative projects can suddenly hit a stop light. This could be for any number of reasons, though one of the largest and most frustrating issues which causes this is scalability, and lack thereof.

Scalability is different from growth. Growth is more akin to the company’s aspirations and the end result of a project. Scalability on the other hand is more in-line with the capabilities of a project and team. Essentially, a project requires a platform to enhance the capabilities which will then allow it to grow. This is scalability and an ICO can be a key asset in a number of ways to help a company continue scaling.

An ICO Provides a Platform

Access and exposure to the marketplace has always been a key problem for project looking to continue scaling. All too often, they may find themselves swallowed up by larger, more financially dominant competitors. Many of these competitors may have been later to market and providing a lesser service, but ring craft, connections, and financial power likely helped them to overcome smaller startups.

Suddenly, an ICO levels the playing field somewhat. It gives the potential of mass exposure to these new and aspiring projects and provides a key ingredient to progress the onward journey- Finance.

Through launching an ICO, your company is immediately in the spotlight thanks to the feverish interest in upcoming ICOs and with this marketing platform and a good idea, comes investment.

Provides Essential Strategic Planning

A vital part of launching any ICO which has a chance of being successful is arming your potential investors with as much information about the company as possible. This means you have to be precise and clear about the direction you are taking.

Developing your Whitepaper, company roadmap, and extensive accompanying strategy assists your ICO in gaining the trust of potential investors.

More than helping to gain the trust of investors, it also gives you a clear direction of where things are headed. Clarity of vision is essential when scaling your business.

Strategic planning is something which does not always appeal to the skillsets of entrepreneurs and innovators. By launching your ICO, you are positively forcing yourself and your company to plan for the future. This can only have a favorable outcome for your business.

Establishes a Support Network

Launching an ICO creates an extensive support network which is two-fold. You will require a team of people within your company to assist with everything related to the launch. This inadvertently means you increase the knowledge and expertise within your company.

Secondly, the support of the passionate crypto-community will be invaluable to the future of your company. These two factors combine to create a support and knowledge network which would simply be inaccessible, particularly in such a short period without an ICO.