Freewallet- A cryptocurrency Wallet

The revolutionary success of cryptocurrency has led to a lot of new business options and laid a platform for new ideas. One such idea was Freewallet. Freewallet is an online cryptocurrency wallet that offers its services to iOS and Android users. Freewallet enables its services to almost all the popular cryptocurrencies in the market today like bitcoins, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc. At present, it is the largest and a major mobile wallet that supports bitcoin cash.

Freewallet products:

The following are the products offered by freewallet to its iOS and Android users:

Bitcoin Wallet (iOS and Android)

Ethereum Wallet (iOS and Android)

Monero Wallet (iOS and Android)

Dash Wallet (Android)

ZCash Wallet (Android)

Doge Wallet (iOS and Android)

Steem Wallet (iOS and Android)

Lisk Wallet (iOS and Android)

Decent Wallet (Android)

NXT Wallet (Android)

Ardor Wallet (Android)

FantomCoin Wallet (Android)

Bitcoin Cash Wallet (Android)

Bancor Wallet (Android)

DigitalNote Wallet (Android)

Bytecoin Wallet (Android)

Tether Wallet (Android)


  1. Buying Coins:

If you haven’t bought any bitcoins yet, the freewallet offers you a chance to buy bitcoins for the first time. You can buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoins using your card. So, basically, freewallet apps are user-friendly even if you are a beginner or an expert trader.

  1. Backup:

In case you have lost your device, there is no need to restore it from backup. You can block the account and can simply activate it on another device.

  1. Exchange services:

Freewallet allows you to make transactions between different currencies. But the charges may vary depending on the currency you are using.

  1. Customers private keys:

One of the unique feature of freewallet is, it retains the control of its customer’s private keys. They keep the majority of users’ funds in cold storage – similar to how an exchange would keep your funds.

  1. Cold storage:

Now, this is a really interesting feature of freewallet. The majority of all assets are stored in an offline vault to secure your funds against any malicious activity. This is because, freewallet claims that 90% of its customers do not back up their private keys.  Again, Freewallet is unique among mobile wallets for keeping its users’ funds in cold storage, because most other mobile wallets don’t retain control of your private keys.