Irresistible Crypto Rewards for Online Shopping

Cash rewards are always a pleasant surprise when shopping online. When there are any bonuses or points attached, buying just one more of an item seems justifiable. The popularity of cash rewards has been beneficial for companies to sell their brands. Customers, too, have a better brand recall and develop a bond with the company and its products.

Just like with fiat currencies, the cryptocurrencies have a reward system working. There are some outlets through which these works. Crypto rewards are a new way of flocking the crowds. You would be stunned at the ease and benefit that some of the portals offer while you shop online. Some of the gateways through which you can earn crypto rewards are as follows-

  • Stormshop

It is an application that is a microtask of the earning platform called Stormx. The app also has a plug-in for browsers and is supported by mostly all of the main ones. It has a widespread presence. The plug-in registers all its rewards as Bolts. You can avail up to 40% crypto cashback in leading cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, DAI, or STORM. The bolts can be converted to cryptocurrencies and transferred to a Coinbase account or ERC20 wallet.

  • Lolli

It is a BTC supporting plug-in. It notifies you when you are shopping with one of its partners. Up to 30% crypto back is received, which is then transferred to your Lolli account. This reward can be transferred to your BTC wallet.

  • Pei

Using Pei, you can avail rewards upon purchases made via credit cards. This makes it work not only for online shopping but also for stores. Using the app normally will fetch you rewards in terms of crypto back. You can avail them without having to subscribe to any membership.

  • Wirex or Card

This is attaining those reward points using debit cards. For in-store purchases, Wirex pays out 0.5% crypto back in BTC. This goes up to 1.5% if 500,000 WRX tokens are held.’s MCO Visa Card, on the other hand, can get you 1-5% crypto back.

Many of the well-established e-commerce platforms have understood that rewards can be a very systematic way of sliding people into using them. Cryptobacks come quite effortlessly without much hassle. Not only would it increase turnover in sales of products but also encourage in taking up cryptocurrency as a possible mode of payment. The schemes mentioned above on these platforms are worth trying if you are apprehensive about the cryptocurrency experience.